Building consistency and trust

Form a relationship of understanding with people about what you invest your time and energy in.

The function of good design plays a vital role in any outreach effort. I will help you build a compelling and engaging brand, whether it is a new look for an existing business, or creating something original! Either way, if your brand style is carried through all places people will see and interact with it, you will build a sense of reliability.

Branding doesn’t stop at statements, now that people can (and do) look into things instantly online. Use your value system to guide your business process. Show how you create valuable work in the community. A logo is the symbol representing your value system, and it is a good place to focus.

logo Deliverables

You will come away with all you need for print and online brand use.
Variations available for social network profiles and digital applications.

Mary helped me with the entire process, clarifying the vision of my brand and developing the best platform to share. Selecting which included business cards, website platform and a social media networks.

All the while, she helped me identify and express the true soul of the work I wanted to share. My community has told me often how my website and marketing materials reflect the depth and sincerity of my writing. Mary was encouraging and knowledgeable. It was a true joy to work with her.
— Deborah Grace Poetry |
Mary created a new logo for our family business that represented the generational pride we’ve shown in our work. At the time, we were branching into the Seattle area, and her creative marketing ideas were vital.  She helped us create our brand and additional marketing materials to work with. Mary’s professionalism inspired me, and helped us to grow our business to the next level.
— Justin Smith | Paint Smith Co., Seattle