Packaging Analysis | Engaging People with Story

using a mythological character can engage people on a deep psychological level, inspiring them for any number of reasons, but mainly finding a point of an individual’s character that they can relate to the archetype. This creates an indirect character-identification and triggers a person to by the cog or widget based on who one sees themselves to be. In our age of products and profits outranking the value of life and culture… it’s a sticky business. Although, admittedly I did buy this beer because I like Freyja, and on the personal note it is tasty.

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Mary K Johnson
Why Volunteer

Originally Published October 4, 2015

Volunteer work is often encouraged for new designers looking to grow their portfolios, to gain experience and to make connections. Though I may have started that way in 2002 prior to graduating with my Associates of Applied Art, I found that I liked it too much to stop. Volunteering offers anyone in any field the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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