Work examples range across design including print and digital, from packaging to social media campaigns with multiple forms of content. Below each type is categorized for your convenience.



Since 2006 I have been designing websites for small business owners, organizations and community events. Website-builders such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly have allowed me to focus on creating unique custom graphics, focus on the design, and provide clients with a website they can update at their convenience.


Logos & Branding

The branding process often begins with logo design, and then carries through all elements of presentation, from print to digital.

A good brand strategy reflects the values an organization or business commits to, from color and font selection, to narrative images used, to the content written for every post, email, digital or printed page.


Communications campaign

A comprehensive outreach strategy often begins with a challenge to overcome. I develop plans designed to connect with people across multiple channels, delivered over a set period of time. Since 2015 I have taken part in campaigns from the early development, and have experience volunteering in already established efforts. When the objective resonates with people on an emotionally meaningful level, the message carries. I am good at presenting the message in story format, and developing plans for engagement and response.



I began work in packaging graphics design in 2004 for a toy company, involving creative type treatments, brilliant color schemes and creative textures. My approach served Costco Wholesale from 2005-2014, in their packaging department which applied them to Christmas items, and food products of all sorts, to name two client categories.


Marketing & Outreach

From 2014-2016 I was part of a thriving sustainable agriculture community in Olympia, WA. I worked part time for The Organic Farm at The Evergreen State College, doing some farming and a fair amount of marketing & outreach.