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You are dedicated to the people you work with and the services you offer. You want to present what you do to people clearly and consistently, creating trust and confidence in those you’ve served and those you want to reach.

I’m an experienced multimedia designer and writer with knowledge gained from a commercial arts and small business development background.

Hire me to develop:

Creative assets you can work with

  • Easy-to-update websites and materials

  • Editable letterhead, and custom promotional materials

  • Adaptable social media content and plans


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Contributed to the Creative Good Auction, supporting Boise’s CATCH program. Read more


When approached with the perspective of whole-system connection, the Farmer’s Market creates a space for EarthCraft Construction Inc. to connect with community.

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Local Relevant Content

EarthCraft Construction LLC, a Design/Build firm, specializing in energy efficient homes.

Services Include:

  • Website

  • Branding

  • Social Media Content

  • Outreach Strategy and Implementation


Featured Services



Websites are the information hub where people can learn all they need to know about your business. Once built, it is easy to update and expand as needed.

Includes photography, writing, video and tailored graphic design.



Introduce people to your work with a clear and informative brand. Carry your branding through all presented parts of your business!

Your community, supporters and clients can see and feel from the start what your business is about.



AKA Marketing.
Create Connections, Grow Your Business

Know who it is you want to reach?
I can help you develop materials that will connect them to you.

Includes graphic design, researched/writing, photography, and outreach strategy.



Mary created a new logo for our family business that represented the generational pride we’ve shown in our work. At the time, we were branching into the Seattle area, and her creative marketing ideas were vital.  She helped us create our brand and additional marketing materials to work with. Mary’s professionalism inspired me, and helped us to grow our business to the next level.
— Justin Smith | Paint Smith Co. | Seattle, WA
Mary K designed a comprehensive website for a large class to aid in their learning on issues they care about. In the process she trained eight students to edit and upload content in a consistent way, and we were able to publish the work of about 50 students.

This was the end-product of their course-work on topics around the complex issue of fossil fuels. The website presents research on extraction and transportation, communities at risk, economic development hopes and outcomes, and general segments of the national population who are consistently affected by large fossil fuel projects.
— Zoltán Grossman | Professor of Native Studies and Geography | The Evergreen State College
Mary created a website for me to be able to transition from a long career in psychiatric nursing and home health care into natural lasting forms of therapy to improve the quality of life for older people in Boise and the surrounding communities I’ve served for almost 50 years.

Over the course of two one-hour interviews and a long drive into the mountains she was able to put together all of the content I needed for a website. This included photos taken with her smart phone of places I find healing and inspiring.
— Judy Johnson | Integral Mental Health



You will receive commercial level work driven by community-focused, future-focused sincerity.

I’ll only bill for hours worked. We won’t start a project without a full project estimate, unless you ask me for hourly billing with a running project.

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Born and raised in Boise, Idaho. Developed talent in the Pacific NW. Honed skills as a volunteer.

Hire me to develop creative assets you can work with.